This section is where you can find information on projects, workshops and programmes that are looking for participants – just click on FIND AN ARTS OPPORTUNITY in the menu to see the archive of all our ‘Opportunity’ posts. You can also search by artform, or by length of project (a ‘course’ being more than one session and a ‘workshop’ being a one off event), by clicking on the relevant keywords in the Category Cloud on the right.

We promote only high quality projects which we believe will provide excellence in skill and personal development. They may require you to apply or simply to book; some may be free, while others ask a fee; they may be run by large organisations or independent artists. Either way, we will provide all the information you need and a link to the relevant websites so that you can decide for yourself whether or not this is the right opportunity for you. And if you are an organisation with a project to promote – drop us an email with the details and any photos and we’ll do our best to put the word out.

We all have to be careful these days when recommending things to others. Please consider our postings as opinions, which are by nature subjective. We can only comment on the excellence of a project in terms of reputation, value for money, solid planning and so on, but we can’t possibly say whether a project is right for an individual or not. Therefore if you attend a project we have recommended, please let us know what you think of it – your feedback will help ensure others have a clear idea of what the project is really like, good or bad. And if you do attend one of our promoted projects, and it doesn’t work out for you, let us know why so we can adjust our comment, if appropriate.

Finally, you should know that we don’t receive cash or benefits in kind from any organisation or individual in exchange for promoting their projects or programmes. So if we say we think it sounds great, that’s because of the content and structure of the thing, not because the workshop leader bought us cake. And that’s a promise.