Opportunity: ArtStart2 – Network for Young People

If you are 16-25 and interested / studying / working in the creative industries then you need to know about ArtStart2 and go to this event on Monday. A great networking evening run by Somewhereto_ and hosted by Rich Mix. 2 of our favourite organisations working together has got bring great stuff, and there is a whole host of arts professionals and young creatives signed up from some pretty fun places to speak and be available to answer all your questions, give advice, feedback on ideas and all that jazz. GO.


Project Name: ArtStart2

Company/Organisation Name: Somewhereto_ and Rich Mix

For Age Group: 16-25

Art Form: All of them!

Level of Experience Required: None at all, but we reckon you’ll get the most out of it if you have a real interest and passion for working in the arts, even and especially if you have no idea how to go about it.

Project Description/Aims: 

ArtStart 2 is THE space for young creatives to get connected, learn about opportunities in the arts, network and hear from industry professionals about how to break into creative industries.

This session is a FREE event to mingle, network and learn from over a dozen professionals in the creative arts. If you are interested in getting into film, digital and print media, performing arts, journalism or fine arts, this is the place to be. This is your chance to rub shoulders with creatives at the top of their fields and learn best practices, make contacts and get some inspiration as you blaze your professional path through different sectors of the arts in London.

Project Dates and Times: Monday 3 Feb, 6pm-10pm (while we think it’s a drop in session, we’d recommend getting there as close to 6 as you can!)

Venue: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA.

Cost to Participants: FREE…

How to sign up/apply: …but you do need to sign up with Somewhereto_ (which is only going to bring you more opportunities in the future and access to great spaces to do your own projects should you wish) and of course RSVP to the event. So they have enough chairs and things. Sign up with Somewhereto_ HERE and then RSVP for the event HERE. Any questions, give Jason an email on jason@somewhereto.com

Deadline: Sign up before the event!

Website:  Somewhereto_  and   Rich Mix

Twitter:  @somewhereto_LDN  and  @richmixlondon

Facebook: Somewhereto_  and   Rich Mix