OPPORTUNITY: The Festival of Dangerous Ideas at Rich Mix 17 March

A whole day of cross-arts events at Rich Mix with a gig in the evening, which look like a chance to think about important national and global issues through workshops, talks and events with a host of high profile speakers.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Project Name: The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Company/Organisation Name: Rich Mix

For Age Group: Under 25s

Art Form: Theatre, Film, Literature, Music

Level of Experience Required: none

Project Description/Aims:

Dangerous ideas for dangerous times

Its a dangerous world: a deepening economic crisis, the euro disintegrating, Britain nearly broke and heading for breakup, ongoing war in Afghanistan and another one threatened against Iran… The old ideas are bust too: free market economics, privatisation, imperialism, the democracy of plutocracy…all of them out of date and out of place.

So now is the time for dangerous ideas: for the new, the seditious, the marginalised, the ridiculed, the road less travelled…

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is a multimedia event with discussions, workshops, music, films, poetry, art, Sh!t Theatre and more. Dangerous ideas for Dangerous times.


Tony Benn, Owen Jones, Joe Glenton, Nina Power, Paul Mason, John Rees, Chris Bambery, Sanum Ghafoor, Lindsey German, Clare Solomon, James Meadway, Owen Hatherley, Kate Connelly, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Chris Ninehame & many more.

Programme Highlights

The writing on the wall
Folk singer Roy Bailey and veteran activist Tony Benn present a widely acclaimed tour of radical history which takes us all the way from the Peasant’s Revolt to contemporary socialist politics. Pandit G of The Asian Dub Foundation, among others, will DJ providing dance-floor inspiration late into the night through Hip-Hop, Dub and Electronica.

Art belongs on the streets
Three of Britain’s most subversive artists challenge the complacency of the contemporary art world. Situationist poet Rob Montgomery, joins Peter Kennard and Cat Philips to discuss art, politics and resistance.

Guerilla Film Workshop
The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Four Man Films and Reel News present a guerilla film workshop with participants scripting, shooting, editing and displaying the finished product – all in twelve hours!

Theatre of the Oppressed
An interactive workshop of exercises, games, image techniques and improvisations. It promises to develop and reshape the art of theatre by turning it into a tool for comprehending social problems – and finding their solutions.

‘Why it’s kicking off everywhere’
Paul Mason, BBC Newsnight’s economics editor will discuss the subject of his latest book and the amazing events of the last year  with Lindsey German and Sanum Ghafoor; from the student rebellions to revolution and riots

Project Dates and Times: Sat 17 March 10am – 1am

Venue: Rich Mix, 35 – 47 BETHNAL GREEN ROAD, LONDON, E1 6LA

Cost to Participants: Full Day Ticket £10 (£5 student or concession) or Evening Gig Ticket £5

How to sign up/apply: Tickets available at http://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/the-festival-of-dangerous-ideas/

Deadline: n/a

Website: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/the-festival-of-dangerous-ideas/www.counterfire.org

Twitter: @RichMixLondon

Facebook: Rich Mix London