Participate London Manifesto!

We’ve had a hectic few months getting our new company off the ground, and it’s probably about time we updated you on our progress. You’ll have noticed that we’ve been posting new opportunities from a variety of top London arts venues and are making connections far and wide over twitter (@participateLDN) and facebook – don’t forget to follow us for regular updates… We’re building support for our new venture to gather impetus for funding bids to create the website of our dreams, and have had some really generous feedback from industry insiders. So while continuing to grow this activity, our next step is to increase awareness of our presence amongst under 25 year olds – no mean feat with zero marketing budget!

On the other side of our work, and rather delightfully, we’ve been asked to submit proposals to manage various projects in 2012. Very fun projects we might add, for a range of exciting organisations that we respect for the brilliant work they do. We can’t tell you who they are (as much as we’d like to!) but keep your eyes peeled because trust us, when things are confirmed we’ll be singing the news for all to hear!

But in the process of writing these proposals, and for our all important Community Interest Company registration forms, we’ve had to come up with a statement of what we do and how and why we do it. Stuff we’re very clear on if you meet us for a coffee and a chat, but putting it in black and white is something else entirely. We’ve all read countless mission statements in our time and we want ours to be just a bit different; something short and simple that everyone can read and instantly grasp our concept. Something that actually sounds like us, with a bit of personality and genuine conviction in our purpose.

So here is the statement we’re sharing with the world, what we’re calling our Manifesto – after all, we are on a mission!

Participate London Manifesto

What we believe: Participate London is passionate about;

  • Increasing audience awareness of London arts venues and their programmes
  • Audience engagement across every art form
  • Helping young people find what they’re looking for
  • Learning by doing; developing arts professionals in the early stages of their careers
  • Superior customer service, fostering a spirit of generosity and collaboration
  • Everyone’s right to PARTICIPATE!

What we do: 


How we do it:

Participate London does not retain a permanent staff of project managers, officers and administrators. Instead we have a pool of wonderful freelance arts workers who join us for projects to suit their experience and our clients’ needs. Everyone is carefully recruited and fully supported in their professional development by our 3 directors who lead the projects we develop with clients to ensure high quality outputs and clear communication.